Prefer Pets Stylish Privacy Pet Carrier Duffel, Small Airline Approved, Name Tag

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Product Overview

Perfect for your small pet, this carrier is comfortable, sturdy, and super cute. It is line and padded and includes a privacy panel to help keep your pet calm. There are multiple Entry Options. Made of Water-Resistant Canvas Fabric, it has a Detachable Shoulder Strap for easy carry. Airplane Approved w/Pet ID Card

Optional Structural Support
- The Privacy Duffel includes removable flex frames for structural support. Insert the plastic strips into the sewn pockets at both entries to keep the bag up and spacious. You can remove them if you need to fit the bag in a tighter spot, or if your furry friend is small enough to still fit comfortably.

Help Reduce Your Pet's Travel Stress
- The Privacy Duffel keeps your pet comfy and cozy while reducing the amount of stimuli they receive, for less fear, anxiety, and stress while traveling. The signature privacy doors provide cover on the top and sides and easily unzip during downtime so you can talk to your pet.

Ultimate Comfort & Protection
- Frequent travelers know that comfort and protection are must for their pets. This carrier is fully lined and padded, contains a faux-fur baseliner that is machine washable, and features a water-resistant canvas fabric that complies with major airlines' carry-on regulations for the ultimate comfort and protection.

Worry-Free Travel
- Pets can be the best travel companions on short and long-distance outings, but they also experience a lot of fear when outside of their comfort zone. The Privacy Duffel is designed to help keep pets safe, healthy, and secure while reducing their anxiety and giving them a worry-free travel experience with you! Multiple entry-points, ample ventilation, and airline regulation compliance create the perfect travel carrier for your pet.